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Internet Service Termination FAQ

1. I am losing my internet service though you so who else can I go through for internet services?

A. Depending on where you live, you have several options. You best bet is to look through the phone book under Internet Service Providers.

2. What happens if I cannot find another service provider before you terminate my service?

A. You will not have service. If you use our email service, your emails will still be able to be accessed from a computer with internet service for one month after termination of services. After the one month period all email accounts not paid for will also be terminated.

3. How do I subscribe to the monthly email service?

A. You can do it from our website at or you can call to let us know you wish to continue the email only service. Cost is $5/month payable in 3 month increments or $60 for the year.

4. I am a business customer, how is this closing going to affect me or my business?

A. If you are on a business plan, this change will not affect you unless you received a letter in the mail. We will continue to provide Web Hosting, Web Access Backup and your virtual email accounts will continue without interuption.

5. I am not a business customer, but am intrested in having you host my website, how do I go about having this done?

A. You can go to our weebsite and fill out the web hosting application. There you will also find our hosting prices and options. Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted on how to upload your html.

6. I am not a business customer so I am losing my service but i have prepaid fpr multiple months of service, do I get a refund?

A. Yes. If it is found you have a credit applied to your account, you will be issued a refund automatically; you do not have to do anything further. Refunds will take approximatley 7-10 weeks after the termination of services to process before they will be mailed out.

7. Why will the refund take so long to be processed?

A. Due tot he number of internet customers we currently support, we have to make sure all payments have processed and to be verified takes time; we thank you for your patience in the matter.

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