Please read below before continuing to ISOT Webmail.


We regret to inform you that our ISOT email service will be discontinued and shutdown by end of 2022.

You have not been billed for the year 2022, and will not be billed for remainder of this year.

If you are using external email app, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., and configured for POP3, then all your emails are automatically downloaded to your computer.  However, if your email app is configured for IMAP, then you will need to change it to POP3, if you wish to save your ISOT emails.

If you are a Webmail user, either RoundCube or Horde, you can follow the instruction below to configure an external email app.  If you currently do not have an email app, we would recommend free Thunderbird.  Please refer its homepage for setup information.  Settings are as below:

If you are RoundCube webmail user:

Login to your RoudCube webmail, and click "Webmail Home".  It will take you to setting page.

If you are Horde webmail user:

Login to your Horde webmail, and click "cPanel Webmail Home".  It will take you to setting page.

Once in the webmail setting page, scroll down and click "Other Webmail Features".  It will contain external mail app configuration info.